Friday, May 30, 2008

Here I Go...

Well, here it goes. I have joined the blogging world! My sister, Jenny, has been blogging for a while and has been encouraging me to join in. Please be patient with me as I learn exactly what I am doing:)

I actually love to journal. I have several journals filled with pages of prayers, notes and things that God has been teaching me through my quiet times with Him. I do like to read other people's blogs too! They keep me up to date on their lives, so hopefully this will give you to a peek into ours!

This whole week I have been off of work! YIPPY! We finished up school last week and I had this week to rest up before I start my summer job. I did manage to stay pretty busy though. I like to try to fit in everything that I normally don't get to do because I am working. I was able to have lunch with my best friend in the whole wide world, Marcy, and I was also able to meet up with my cousin for a quick bite yesterday. We had a great time! I did manage to make it to the pool for a little rest and relaxation one day too. This is one of my most favorite things to do! The hotter the weather, the better:)

We also have been very busy trying to find our growing family a new home. We sold our condo (which is on the third floor) a few weeks ago in order to make room for our baby coming. It is all bittersweet because we LOVE our condo and the area we live in. It does work out well though that my husband is the BEST REALTOR in the world! He has been working so hard trying to find us the best home. We know that God has something especially for us and we can't wait to see what it is. We are trusting Him to provide for our needs and I know He will. We have experienced His faithfulness in so many ways. I'M BELIEVING GOD!

We had another doctors appointment today. I am 21 weeks and feeling great! We were able to hear the heart beat again today and it was loud and clear. I have been feeling him move all over now for several weeks. I LOVE it! I try to get Matt to feel him, but every time he comes over the baby decides to stop. He has managed to feel him once or twice:)

Well, thanks for stopping by! I need to get dinner going. Matt has a softball game tonight so we will be leaving in a bit!

I'll be talking with you soon!