Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy SNOW Day!!!

All week we heard predictions that the first snow fall of the year was headed our way! We had our fingers crossed that we would get just a bit to have some fun in! We didn't get as much as we expected, but it certainly was enough to go out and play in!
It was mostly ice for us with a thin layer of snow on top, but that didn't stop us from getting out there!
The kids in the neighborhood met on the hill for a few good rounds of sledding...
 It quickly turned to slush and a big mud puddle though:)
Even this girl took a few rides down the snowy hill and certainly wanted more...
But got a wee bit tired of having to climb back up the hill each time! 
And my Parker pulled out his four wheeler for a few spins around the cul-de-sac!
Brooklyn always has fun with her sweet friend Chloe in the snow!
Snow buddies!

Parker played outside for the longest time! His little cheeks got so red, but he was having the best time ever! I loved watching him play!
We are hoping to squeeze a day off of school out of this snow storm, but things are melting fast! (We actually haven't started back from Christmas break yet, but we are ok with that!)
We are certainly enjoying a slower paced day at home!
Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Painting Pottery!

Yesterday afternoon Brooklyn and I had some girl time!
She has been BEGGING to paint pottery for a while now, so we found a fun little place in our town to try out! This was her birthday gift from Matt and I. She LOVES to do arts and crafts, so it was just perfect for her! She LOVED it!
We browsed the shelves just a bit and found the perfect piece to paint!
Then we gathered our supplies and got right to work!
We were the only ones in the shop, so we had lots of fun chatting and laughing together while we painted!
They will call us in a few days to let us know that our piece is ready!
Brooklyn can't wait to see her finished product!
I love one on one time with my girl! She's just the BEST!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Visit From the Tooth Fairy!

Yesterday afternoon my Brooklyn lost her FIRST baby tooth!
It had been wiggly for a few weeks and the grown up tooth was already pushing through!
Brooklyn pulled the tooth out all by herself, but when she did she dropped it on the floor and we didn't know where it landed!!!
We searched and searched with no luck. Thankfully Matt came home and found it on her bedroom floor! She put it under her pillow last night and woke up this morning to find her treasure:)
She can't wait to go back to school to show her friends her new look:)

Party Like You're SIX!!!

This super FUN and SWEET girl turned SIX a few weeks ago and the celebration has continued all month long!
We celebrated as a family on her BIG day with a pizza party at home and homemade pink sugar cookies for dessert!
She got to celebrate with all her friends at school one day too!
I brought her lunch and we had birthday treats to share with her class!
During lunch, Mrs. F made her stand up on a chair while the entire cafeteria sang "Happy Birthday" to her! 
Brooklyn shares a December birthday with her cousin Riley, so they got to celebrate together one day while we decorated Christmas cookies!
Then just last week Poppa and Memaw treated her to a special birthday celebration at
Chuck E. Cheese!
We had a pizza dinner and played lots of games! What a great night!
Brooklyn has one more birthday gift to cash in on from Matt and I.  
We are hoping to schedule it very soon!
Happy 6th Birthday, Brooklyn Bear!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Merry Christmas Time!!!

We just wrapped up another wonderful Christmas season!
We did lots of celebrating which left us a bit tired (actually completely exhausted), but we are so thankful to have several more days of Christmas break to recover:) Whew!
Christmas Eve, like always, is spent with my family.
We all gather for a fun night of food, fun, and of course presents!!!
We always enjoy appetizers together. Everyone brings something to share.
And then the party moves upstairs where the real Christmas chaos begins!!!
We try to keep some sort of order, but that doesn't always work:)
There is wrapping paper everywhere as everyone can't wait to see their surprises!
After all the gifts are opened and everything is cleaned up...
the crew moves back downstairs for Christmas cookies:)
When cookie plates are cleaned off, the kids get in their jammies just in time to head home and get ready for Santa!
My kids went right to bed as soon as we got home and slept until 7:30 Christmas morning!
We all went downstairs the next morning and found that Santa had come!!
Jake LOVES Dude Perfect and was thrilled to find some DP gifts under the tree for him this year!
Santa also brought him an early Christmas gift this year. He brought Jake tickets to the Carolina Panther's game on Christmas Eve. Matt and Jake got to go and enjoy seats in the suite!!! They had a great time!
Brooklyn was REALLY hoping for a new bike this year. Her old one was way too small for her to ride. She must have been a good girl because this pretty hot pink bike was waiting for her when she got up!
She also asked for some Shopkins things...
 And she was SO excited to unwrap this art set that she has been begging for!
My sweet Emmylou was asking for two special things this year.
She wanted a pink Barbie and anything that was Minnie Mouse! Both of my girls received these fun light up water Barbies and they LOVED them!
Emery also got a Minnie Mouse puzzle and a Hello Kitty seek and find book!
Parker was really hoping for a dirt bike this year, but we knew that was asking for a bit much;)
Instead, he was excited to find a REALLY big present with his name on it! He unwrapped it and found a bright red Fliker Scooter ready for him to ride! He loves to play outside and will love riding it around the cul-de-sac!
He also got a fun cash register to play with (Sissy and him love to play store and make believe, so they will actually both love it)! He also got a Charlotte Hornets poster to hang up in his room!
After all of the gifts were opened, we ate a quick breakfast and then headed to church!
It made our morning busy, but we were so excited to celebrate Christmas with our church family!
Later on in the afternoon, Matt's parents came over for more gifts and Christmas dinner (and of course to watch the Steelers game).
Memaw and Poppa got this girl a pair of Minnie Mouse dress up shoes that light up! She wanted them on as soon as she unwrapped them! She LOVED them!
We had a great time with Memaw and Poppa and enjoyed the evening with them!
We had a FULL weekend celebrating with so many people we love!
We definitely had a very Merry CHRISTmas!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Sweet Christmas Traditions!

These last few days have been SO busy, so I'm a bit behind on my blogging!
I have to back up just a little and then I'll share about our Christmas Eve and day!
Last week our crew met up at Gingerbread Lane for our annual evening out!
We strolled the halls...
and looked at all of the AMAZING creations!
We all had our favorites picked out!
After we finished up at the hotel, we headed to Wendy's for our supper (just like always).
We took up a large portion of the restaurant...
but always enjoy our time together!
We also got together last week for a fun time of cookie decorating at Mimi's!
Mimi makes the cookies and we bring all of the toppings!
Cookies are always piled HIGH with frosting and sprinkles!
I think all of the cookies that were made for the day were quickly eaten up with only a few crumbs and sprinkles left behind:)
What a wonderful time of year making Christmas memories!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas at School!

We are officially on Christmas break around here! I have been SO ready for my kids to be HOME!
We have been busy doing so many fun Christmas things, but now that school is OUT we can fully enjoy the season!
The kids enjoyed some fun celebrations at school these last few days!
Parker had his preschool class party last week and got a visit from Santa!
Then on Tuesday night he had his sweet preschool Christmas program except he cried and cried and wouldn't go up on stage! He is so shy at preschool, so I wasn't surprised at all! 
I did manage to get this one sweet picture of my handsome boy after his tears dried up!
Jake and Sis both had their class parties on Monday. Emery and I were able to go and help out a bit. We went back and forth between classrooms and we were both so tired by the end! Ha!
Jake's class crafted, had a pizza party during lunch, and played some CrAzY relay games in the afternoon! He had a blast with his buddies!
Sissy's class had fun too!
They came to school in their jammies and had several stations set up around the classroom that they rotated around. 
They decorated cookies...
Played Christmas BINGO...
and made a couple of precious ornaments that are perfectly hanging on our tree!
They finished up with a cup of hot cocoa and the Polar Express!
And after a half day on was OUT! No more school until next year:) Yay!!