Wednesday, January 23, 2019

January Catch Up!

Here's another catch up post:)
Both of my boys are playing basketball! They both have done SO well so far this season and are really fun to watch! Parker has scored several points in each of his games and he even scored a buzzer beater a few weeks ago! Matt is coaching Jake's team again this season. He has a few good buddies on his team. Jake has also scored in each of his games, so that has been super fun too!
My Emery and I are enjoying our pottery classes again! We go once a month to this free little preschool class and we always have so much fun! It's fun to watch my girl be creative:)
We went with some long time friends of our to the Charlotte Checker's game a few weekends ago!
We had such a great time hanging out and watching some hockey!
Over our Christmas break from school , some of our Florida family came for a visit. Brooklyn had to share about it when she got back to school and she drew this picture of the cousin crew! I loved it! It is quite the gang (and we were still missing the other four Florida cousins)!
Brooklyn also surprised me with this sweet note the other day:) It is a picture of me and all of my girlies! I am one lucky mom! (I love that we all have bows in! Ha!)
And here is a picture of my littlest girl!
My girl is just getting over RSV! All of my big kids have had colds, and poor little Blakely finally caught one! I took her in first thing Monday morning after a ROUGH Sunday, and sure enough she tested positive. We have been in the house for the past several days doing breathing treatments and snuggling a bunch!
She is definitely doing A LOT better now!
We have some fun things coming up in the next few weeks! Can't wait to share:)

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Blakely Grace: 3 Months

Yesterday my Blakely Grace turned 3 months old!
There is something so sweet about having a baby around the house again! She is SO precious and she is such a good baby! Everybody loves ours Blakers!
Here are a few things I want to remember about you right now...
I am not sure how much you weigh right now. We don't go for a check up this month, but I know you are growing big and strong:)
We are stuffing you in some 3-6 month clothes, but I just pulled out some 6-9 month clothes for you to wear. You are wearing a size 2 diaper.
Up until this week I didn't feel like you were losing your hair, but I think you are starting to lose some of it now! I feel like it is thinning out! We will see what happens over the next little bit!?!?!
You aren't on a real schedule yet because all of our days look so different. Right now, you kind of cat nap during the day, but you are doing SO good at night! You started sleeping through the night around 11 weeks (at least most nights)! We try to feed you your last bottle around 8:30. You wake the next morning usually between 6:30 and 7:30! When I walk in to get you, you give me the biggest smile ever! I love it! You love to be swaddled when you sleep. We wrap you up nice and tight and you sleep so soundly all night long (if you stay swaddled up)!
You still take a paci sometimes. 
You don't love it, but it can help to calm you down when you're upset. 
I still pump all of your bottles. I feed most of them to you, but the kids love to help during the day and daddy usually takes the last night time one. You still drink about 5oz every 2-3 hours.
You love to talk to us! You tell us the best stories:) We can make you smile SO easily!
You love to be held...mostly by me! Some days it's hard to get things done! You will sit in your swing sometimes. During that time I run around like crazy trying to get things done around the house!
Your big sisters are the BEST. You are one lucky little girl! Emery helps me so much during the day! She begs to hold you and feed you right when you wake up and when you cry in the car, she knows just what to do to help! Brooklyn loves to hold you and will calm you down if you're upset. She is also a great diaper changer:)
Parker loves to cuddle you! He would sit and hold you ALL day if he could. He is pretty awesome and is such a sweet big brother. (Jake is too. I just didn't get a pic of him with you this month!)
Happy Month Day, Blakely Grace!
We are so glad that you are apart of our family!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

How We Wrapped Up 2018...

Well, today my house was just a little bit quieter! My big three headed back to school today after a few weeks off for Christmas break! I wasn't quite ready to send them back, but I feel like we did get a nice break, so I guess it was time!
The last few weeks were filled with Christmas fun, but we did squeeze in some other kinds of fun too!
Matt took Parker to his very first Panthers game. My Parker LOVED it and Matt said that this smile did not leave his face then entire time!
He was so excited to finally get a turn to go to the game!
Brooklyn entered an art contest a few weeks ago. She had to enter a picture that displayed friendship. She didn't win the art contest, but her art was displayed in the Matthew's Town Hall! We went to see it on display last week! She was so excited to see it hanging there! I was so proud of my girl!

We enjoyed a quick visit from our Florida family over our break! We don't get to see them very often, so it's a treat when they come! I love when my kiddos get to have fun with their cousins! It's always a houseful, but always a grand time!

We didn't do anything special for New Year's Eve this year. It's not my favorite holiday to celebrate:) Matt and the big kids stayed up, but the rest of us need our sleep! New Year's Day was spent hanging out around the house, but we first made a trip to the new donut shop that opened up by us! We LOVED it and had so much fun creating our own donuts!
And just for fun, I have to include a picture of my Blakely girl! She was the best thing that happened to us in 2018! I am thankful for the gift that she is to our family!
We are ready to welcome 2019 and can't wait to see what this year will bring our family!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

JOY to the WORLD!

Christmas morning my kids were up early and ready to open presents! They were so excited to see what Santa had brought them! They must have been good this year because there were lots of gifts left under our tree!
Jake was asking for some Beyblades this year! He got several pieces and an arena for them to battle in. He also got some new Steelers gear and a subscription to SI for kids!
 Brooklyn got a few cool crafts to do, some new books to read, a karaoke machine (to share with Emery), and a PINK STEELERS jersey!
Parker was asking for some BIG things this year. (He was hoping for a dirt bike and an electric scooter!) He ended up getting some really nice surprises though:) He got some fun games to play, some Beyblades to play with Jake, his very own terrible towel and a brand new STEELERS jersey! He was one happy boy!
Emery had a few things on her wish list this year. She wanted some boy barbies to play with and a new bike (with NO training wheels and a basket! Ha!) She was SO HAPPY to get her bike and made Matt take off the training wheels right away!
This Christmas was EXTRA special because it was Blakely's FIRST CHRISTMAS! She was actually still sleeping when the big kids opened presents, but was all smiles when she woke up! She was my most favorite gift this year!!! Love her so much!
After the gifts were opened and we got things back in order, Matt's parents came over to eat a Christmas breakfast with us. This is a special tradition that we have with them. We made sausage and egg casserole and also had a french toast casserole. It was really yummy! We exchanged gifts with them and the kids enjoyed showing them all of the cool stuff they just got!
Later on in the afternoon we went back to my parent's house for Christmas dinner. It is always a low key and relaxing time. We eat, play games, and just enjoy being together!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Merry Memories on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is always spent at my parent's house!
That's when my family all gathers together to celebrate Christmas! We were missing both of my brothers this year, but the rest of our gang was all there (including my sister and her husband who drove in all the way from Boston)!
We have always done Christmas Eve the same way...appetizers for supper and lots of cookies and Christmas treats for dessert!

After everyone gets plenty to eat, we move the craziness upstairs!
We try to keep some sense of order as each gift is passed out and opened! We try to go one at a time, but sometimes the Christmas chaos takes over and the joy and excitement of the evening takes over the room! Ha!
Each gift is kept simple and sweet! We really all agree that just being together is extra special!
(I LOVE this picture of Matt and his THREE girls!)
After all of the gifts are opened, everyone goes back downstairs to enjoy all of the plates and plates of cookies that were made:)
And all of the cousins change into their Christmas jammies to get ready for Santa's visit!
The gift of family all being together to celebrate our Savior's birth is always a wonderful night!
It was a Merry Christmas Eve, 2018!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Twas' the Days Before Christmas...

This first week of our Christmas break was so wonderful! We did lots of fun things, but had lots of down time too! We took our time getting up each morning which was SO NICE!
Here are a few of the Christmas things we did...
I took the kids to see Santa! We didn't have to wait at all for our visit which was super nice! We were in and out in no time!
Blakely's first visit with Santa!
We met some friends at the assisted living home near us to visit the people who live there. We sang Christmas songs with them and then passed out cookies and punch! It was so sweet to be able to share some Christmas cheer! We enjoyed our time with them!
We met up with our cousins one afternoon and visited Gingerbread Lane! This is a fun tradition that we do with them! It is fun to see all of the AMAZING creations that are on display!
We always follow up our visit to to the gingerbread houses with supper at Wendy's!
We also enjoyed our annual cookie decorating day at Mimi's! We have been decorating Christmas cookies for years! Every year since I was a little girl:)

And since the birthday cousins were together, we had a tiny little birthday party for them:) We try to make our December babies feel celebrated a bit too!
We wrapped up our first week of break with Matt and I going to our most favorite Christmas party of the year! It was SO GRAND and we loved our time celebrating with friends!
Next up...Christmas Eve!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Blakely Two Month Update:)

Our sweet Blakely girl had a bit of a rough week, but is finally on the mend! Last Sunday she woke in the middle of the night and I knew she didn't feel good. She was a bit congested and didn't want to eat. I kept her home from church while she rested, but felt like she was getting a fever. When we checked her temp it was 102.4! We called the doctor and they told us because her fever was so high and she was so little, we needed to go to the emergency room! I felt so bad for my girl! Thankfully we didn't have to wait long! We got in a room where they checked her out and took some blood. Her fever was actually going down and all of her blood work came back fine! She was still congested, but was looking ok to go home! It took a few days for her to feel 100%, but she is doing much better now!
We had her two month check up last Monday which also ended up being a follow up from her emergency room visit! The doctor checked her all out and said she was on the mend! All the congestion was in her nose and her lungs were perfectly clear! Thank goodness!
She weighed 14lbs. 14oz (97%).
Her height was 23.24" (73%) and her head circumference was 40.6cm (95%).
She also got her two month shots. She got three in her legs and had to take a vaccine by mouth. She did not like this part, but I held her tight and we both made it!
Thankful for the doctors and nurses that took good care of my girl and we are so grateful she is feeling better!