Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall Break Time!

My big kids have enjoyed a few days off of school! They finished up the first quarter and we were ready for a little breather:)
We had teacher conferences Thursday morning, and of course spent lots of time getting ready for my sister's big wedding, but in between we had some fun together!
Matt has been working a side job lately which has meant that he has been gone until late every night, so by Thursday the kids and I needed an easy supper. We went to Chick-fil-a for family night!
 We got there early to eat and play...
 And then went "backstage" for a kitchen tour! We got to see where all of our favorite menu items are made! Pretty neat!
 After the tour we made our very own special desserts:)
Friday morning we woke up to some drizzle, but that didn't stop us from having some fun!
We headed to the new Panther Park out by us! We met some friends there last week for a play date and realized it is not quite like the other Panther Park that we go to. It is geared for bigger kids and adults, but since we were the only ones there, my crew had fun playing on it anyway!

Friday night the wedding frenzy began!
We met at the church for the rehearsal followed by supper at UNCC. We were really so busy the entire time that I hardly took any pictures, but this one was taken of Emery and I think it's pretty sweet:)
The wedding was beautiful and my sister made a stunning bride!
We are so excited for her and her new husband and can't wait to see them when they get back from their honeymoon!
It's been such a wonderful (and a bit exhausting) fall break!
Now, we're gearing up for another busy week! Whew!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Brooklyn's First Grade Field Trip to Dan Nichols!

Today Sis had her first field trip of the year and it was to one of our most favorite little places...Dan Nicholas Park! Her class just finished up studying animals and their habitats, so this was a great place to go for some hands on learning!
I always look forward to special days like this with my kids! It was a HOT day (we were melting), but a wonderful day spend together!
(Her favorite part of the day was riding on the bus to the park though! It was her first time on a school bus! She was SO excited!)
 The little ones got to come too, and Parker totally thought he was a big first grader by the way he tagged along with her class:)
We got to do so many fun things and were totally worn out by the end of the day!
Brooklyn is totally rocking FIRST GRADE and absolutely loves it!
Love my girl and the memories that we made today!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Day at the Dixie Classic!

Yesterday I took Parker and Emery to the Dixie Classic Fair! 
We met some of our good friends there and enjoyed the day together! It was elementary day, so there were LOTS of schools there, but everyone got in free, so that made it just perfect for us!
Of course there were plenty of animals to see:)

And some GREAT shows to watch!
We saw a magic show, a dog show, a horse show (which was AWESOME!) and of course...the racing pigs! Such a favorite of ours! This time we saw the pigs race around the track for cheese puffs! Ha!
 After a FULL day of fun, Parker bought a big ol' bag of cotton candy to enjoy on the way home!
 It was a gorgeous day to be outside, enjoying another day at the fair with friends!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Back to Aw Shucks!

This week I had another special field trip planned for Parker and Emery! 
We made a trip out to Aw Shucks Farm! 
We visited this farm last year for their preschool day and knew we wanted to go back again this year too! We took part in their Little Hands Farm Tour and really enjoyed it!
Since we were such a big group, the staff divided us up into smaller groups and we rotated through all sorts of fun stations!
Here is a peek at our fun filled FALL day!
We started off with a tractor ride around the farm and then learned about planting crops. We tried planting some corn of our own:)
Next, we headed to the chicken coop!
We got to collect some chicken eggs and then we practiced milking a cow!
We enjoyed visiting some of the other animals on the farm too!
This was one of our most favorite parts of the day!
We even got to feed the sheep and the goats!

 After all of our hard work on the farm, everyone got to pick out a pumpkin to take home!
And of course we made time to jump on the haystacks!
 We ate a quick picnic lunch and then finished up our day with some play time! The farm has a giant grain bin slide and a tumbleweed roll!
It was a great day with my little ones!
I love all of the FALL FUN starting up!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Birthday Party Time!

Emery turned three a few weeks ago, but the birthday celebrations have continued throughout the entire month! Ha!
Here is how we celebrated...
Our family went out for supper on her actual birthday. We all enjoyed cheeseburgers at Fuddruckers!
For dessert they brought her out her very own ice cream sundae to enjoy:)
Last weekend we partied with Poppa and Memaw!
Poppa also has a September birthday, so we always enjoy celebrating the birthday buddies together!
We had a steak dinner over at our house and had birthday cake and ice cream for dessert! So yummy!
Then this weekend we got to celebrate with my side of the family. Cousin Sophie also has a September birthday, so these two sweet cousins celebrated together!
We kept things simple and just had a pizza party! We enjoyed a few favorite desserts and then finished up the evening by opening presents!
Happy Birthday, Emery!
Thankful to celebrate YOU!

Friday, September 22, 2017

To the Orchards!

Today is the first day of fall (even though it doesn't feel like it at all)! 
We welcomed in fall by doing a little apple picking!
The kids had the day off of school and Matt took the day off of work, so we decided to head up to Morganton to our favorite little apple orchard!
We always enjoy going with friends when we apple pick, but today, we were on our own!
 We got to the orchard late morning and got all set to fill our baskets. Our most favorite apples have already finished their season, so today we picked Red Delicious along with a few Golden Delicious!
With so many little hands picking, our work didn't take long!
We filled our baskets full and then found a nice shady spot to picnic!
After our lunch was gone, we grabbed a few apple donuts to enjoy on the car ride back:)
The little ones and I went to a special class yesterday that was all about apples! They colored and crafted and even tasted apples! It was so fun for them to learn all about them and then visit the orchards today!
I love our little apple picking adventures! Now, we can't wait to enjoy all of our apples!

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Fair Is Here!

One of my most favorite outings that I get to do with my kids is Preschool Day at the Fair! 
We have gone for many years now and we love it each and every time! 
It's such a fun way to experience the fair, but we don't have to spend a penny;)
This was Parker's last trip since he will be off to Kindergarten next year!
(I am SO THANKFUL we get to have an extra special year together!!!)
 I told him to enjoy every bit of it this year! And I think he did;)
We rotated through several different stations, but the petting zoo area is always so much fun for my little ones!
 The smiles that I get to see and the giggles that I get to hear from the animals coming up so close are so, so sweet!
This was Emery's favorite station! We visited this area twice because she loved it so much!
The last station that we got to participate in is an ALL TIME FAIR FAVORITE!!!
We got to see Robinson's Racing Pigs! They are so much fun to watch! Parker was chosen to cheer for a specific pig and we were really hoping that his little piggy would win, but some of the other piggies were a bit faster and his came in third place!
We love that the fair comes to our little county!
It's such a fun experience for us to have!