Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Florida Thanksgiving

Our family doesn't usually travel for Thanksgiving, but this year we ended up making a very special trip to Jacksonville to be with Matt's entire side of the family! All twenty one of us were going to get to be together for a few days to celebrate Thanksgiving. It's a real treat since everyone lives a good distance apart.
This is the entire crew!
The first time EVER that we have ALL been together!
Josh and Katie hosted everyone in their new home!
We all piled in and made sweet memories together!
Our family rolled in late Tuesday night.
 We woke up Wednesday morning and began the prep work for the big meal:) 
Pies, cookies, and more pies:)
The rest of the crew trickled in on Wednesday, just in time to have a fun birthday celebration.
My sister in law, Katie, decided it would be fun to have one giant birthday party for all of the cousins since we don't get to be together during the year to celebrate. 
We all enjoyed a spaghetti dinner and rainbow chip cupcakes for dessert:)
Then on Thursday morning we ate a big yummy breakfast while we waited for the Macy's Thanksgiving parade to begin! The parade is one of my most favorite Thanksgiving traditions!

Since the weather was just perfect, the kids were able to play outside most of the day! 
We were definitely all ready to dig into our feast by late afternoon though!
So many people gathered together! Friends and family filled the house! It was a wonderful time!
Friday morning some of the girls got up early to shop while the rest of us stayed back at the house.
Matt and I began to pack up our things to make the trip back home!
It was a wonderful weekend filled with fun and food while sweet memories were being made!
So glad we could all spend it together!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Days of Our Lives...

Here is what we have been up to lately...
Last week Jake and I took a trip to Salisbury and enjoyed a field trip with his class. 
Mrs. W loves to read books to her second grade class and they just finished up reading The Boxcar Children.  Jake is a big reader and loves to listen to her read! I love that she makes time during the day to read to the kids! It's one of my favorite things about his teacher!
The Norvell Theater performed the story of the Boxcar Children for them and it was so well done!
 After the play we had lunch with several of his buddies at CFA! It was a great field trip and a sweet day with just my big boy and I!
(Here is a picture of the Boxcar Children with their dog,Watch, living in the red boxcar that Jake drew!)
Last Friday was Veteran's Day. The kids were so excited to not have to wear their typical school uniforms! They could wear jeans and anything RED, WHITE or BLUE to help celebrate!
 They had a school wide chapel that the little ones and I got to go and enjoy too!
I have been thinking a lot about what next year will look like for me. I am so sad Parker will be in kindergarten! I can't believe I will have three in big school! I will miss him so much!
Every afternoon Parker, Emery and I have carline duty:) Usually my backseat looks like this...
But some afternoons Parker stays awake and sits up in the front seat with me while we wait for carline to begin. He likes to bring toys or books and I try to always enjoy those few minutes with just him. (Those days fly by. I used to spend time with Sis last year while the little ones napped and now shes gone!) day this week we had just a few extra minutes so we made a run through McD0nald's for an ice cream treat (and the SPRITE he always begs for) was a sweet time with my buddy!
Boy, do I love him!
Matt and I also got to have a day date this week! He was given tickets to the Christmas Show through work, so we took a morning and spent some time together while the kids were in school!
It's was SO nice to just have some time together! I love him so much!
We wrapped up this week with the kids Thanksgiving program at their school.
Each class sang, shared what they were thankful for, and recited some Bible verses.
It was such a nice program!
We are looking forward to our upcoming Thanksgiving break!
We have some BIG Thanksgiving fun planned! Can't wait to share!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

TrIcK or TrEaT 2016

The last few nights have been full of candy fun! Sunday night the kids got all dressed up and went to a trunk or treat at a little church down the road from us and then last night we hit the streets of our neighborhood and enjoyed overflowing our buckets with more treats!
We all had such a great night and were absolutely exhausted by the end!
I can't believe it's November now!
Happy Halloween 2016!

Sunday, October 30, 2016


This special boy turned EIGHT a few weeks ago and we have been celebrating BIG ever since!
Here's what's been going on...
The little ones and I met the big kids up at school one afternoon and brought lunch for them and birthday treats to share. This year Jake wanted me to make him a giant homemade chocolate chip cookie, so that's just what he got! I love that he got to celebrate with his new friends this year!
On Saturday (his real birthday), Matt surprised him with UNCC football tickets! They were actually hospitality seats, so not only could they watch a great game, but they could eat all of the food they wanted...and let me tell you, all I heard was how much food this boy put away!
Then last weekend Poppa and Memaw spoiled him with a very special trip to Chuck E. Cheese!
There was LOTS of game playing, pizza eating, and prize picking throughout the night! What a SPECIAL night!
We finished up the partying with one last birthday celebration last night with my family. All of the October and November birthday's were celebrated by enjoying supper together and having birthday treats for dessert!
Happy 8th Birthday, Jake!
You are AMAZING and we love you so much!

Daddy, Mommy, Sissy, Parker, and Emery

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall Brings...

Fall brings...
The end of soccer season! Jake, Sis, and Parker all played this year. Jake improved a ton this season and played goalie a lot which was fun (and nerve-racking) to watch! Sis didn't love soccer, but improved so much through the weeks. Parker was on the younger side to play, but did ok. Next year will be better for him when he's a little older!
It was a great season, but it is nice to have some time at home on Saturday mornings:)
Fall also means Fire Safety Month. The kids had a teacher work day one week, so we got to meet up with friends to learn all about fire safety! We saw the fire trucks, tried on the fire gear and even had a surprise helicopter fly in!  
Fall means...Pumpkins at Preschool!
Parker had fun doing all sorts of pumpkin activities at school last week. They got to taste pumpkin muffins and seeds and then got to pick out a pumpkin to take home!
Fall also brings lots of festivals!
We went to one this past weekend and Brooklyn's friend Chloe came with us!
The kids got to paint pumpkins, bounce in the bounce houses, and play games!
Emery loved playing the games for the candy! The candy wouldn't even make it to her bag, it went right in her mouth! Ha!
Fall is such a fun time of year! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Pictures

This past Friday my big kids had a half day at school. We decided that a trip to the pumpkin patch would make for a fun afternoon!
We went to a patch right down the road from us. We saw some animals, jumped the haystacks and snapped a few pictures!
Here are a few of my favorites! Love these cute kids with my WHOLE heart:)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Growing up I remember celebrating Grandparents Day at school. We would send special invitations to them inviting them to come and spend some time with us in our classrooms! My Grandparents were always a part and I still remember those moments to this day!
A few weeks ago, Parker's preschool hosted Grandparents Day...
His class sang some sweet songs for them, prepared a light breakfast, and made them some sweet crafts to treasure forever!
Just last week my big kids celebrated Grandparents Day too! 
It was such a nice morning! Grandparents arrived right after drop off for a delicious continental breakfast and then enjoyed a program where each grade preformed. They were then dismissed to see around the classrooms where they received some sweet gifts! 
We are so thankful for wonderful grandparents! My kids are blessed to be loved by so many and
I know my kids will remember these special days forever too!