Thursday, February 15, 2018

Happy HEART Day!

I LOVE Valentine's Day! I love the simplicity of it. I love to be with my kids and just love on them!
Our day was BUSY, but so much fun!
I took the little ones up to the Rec Center yesterday morning for a sweet little Valentine's Day celebration. They crafted, ate some snacks, and passed out the valentines that we made. It was the perfect little party for them!
Right after their party, I scooted over to the big kids school to celebrate with them.
I stopped by Brooklyn's room first. They had some valentine snacks and played a sweet little friendship game.
Then her class got set to pass our their valentines! 
She was so excited to see her box overflowing with love:)
Jake's party was going on down the hall, so I ran back and forth between the classrooms!
His party was simple, but sweet:) He had some snacks as well and then the class crafted and passed out valentines. His teacher did something special though. Each student got a bag to collect their cards in, but they all had to go around the room and write down something on the bag that they appreciated or really liked about that student. So, Jake's bag was not only FILLED with lots of sweet treats, but was COVERED with such kind and encouraging words on the outside! My boy definitely felt loved after reading all of his notes!
I LOVE these two big kids of mine with my WHOLE HEART!
After we got home for the day, Matt came home and picked us all up and took us to one of my favorite dinner spots...Qdobas. They were doing a special Valentine's Day buy one meal, get one it was the perfect supper for our hungry crew! I think my kids ate their weight in chicken tacos! Ha!
Matt made me a sweet card and brought me flowers. We had brownies and ice cream together after the kids went to bed!
It was a "LOVELY" day!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Greensboro Children's Museum

Yesterday, the little ones and I took a trip to the Greensboro Children's Museum.
They were having a little preschool/homeschool day, so we thought it was the perfect day to make the trip! Although it was similar to DPK, my kids LOVED it! We spent HOURS there enjoying all that they offer! 
They had several little class that we could take throughout the day and had a wonderful children's garden to explore. My kids got to learn about their 5 senses in one class that we took and then they got to pet and feed some chickens in the other class that we took!
After we finished INSIDE the museum, we went OUTSIDE for some fun!
They have the COOLEST play area ever!
At first Parker was nervous to go to the VERY TOP, but I finally convinced him to try it and he made it! It is super safe, but super high! Look at him way up there!
I have a few more museums around the area that I would like to visit, but this one was a favorite for sure!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Cooking, Counting, and Our Visit with the Queen

Hello February!
Here's what's been going on over at our house...
Parker LOVES to help me in the kitchen. We enjoy baking together (especially homemade bread and pumpkin bread). I decided I would look into some little cooking classes for him to do and I found THE PERFECT little place. He takes class once a week and has made some really yummy things! Brooklyn is going to be taking a few "specialty" classes starting in a couple of weeks! 
She is so excited!
These two celebrated the 100th Day of School this week! Each of their classes did a few fun things to celebrate the milestone. Now, the countdown is on until spring break:) Whoo hoo!
Matt took the day off of work on Friday, so he joined the little ones and I on a "field trip"! Our first stop was to get a treat at Duck Donuts:)
 Since Friday was Groundhog Day, I thought it would be fun to take the little ones to the Nature Museum to meet our "official" groundhog, Queen Charlotte! Earlier that morning she predicted 6 more weeks of winter, so by the time we got there (mid morning), she was fast asleep back in her burrow! We took a little peek at her and then enjoyed the rest of the museum!
February is off to a "lovely" start!

Monday, January 29, 2018

From the Courts to the Stage!

We pretty much had a non stop weekend!
Friday night we took the kids back up to the school to watch a few basketball games. The kids had fun seeing some of their friends and cheering on their school's teams! 
These two made pretty cute cheerleaders;)
This weekend was a big art and culture weekend around our area! There were so many neat things going on and most were free! I signed up to take the kids to see an opera that was just for kids! We went to the Cabarrus Arts Council and saw "The Billy Goats Gruff"! It was put on by Opera Carolina and we LOVED it! We ended up seeing several of our friends so that was fun too!
After it was over they had a few rooms with arts and crafts in them that the kids to do.
 Of course this girl loved that:)
Jake and Parker are in the middle of their basketball seasons. They had games on Saturday morning and both scored their first points ever! Parker made a basket and Jake made a basket and a free throw! I was SO excited for them!
 Sunday morning we went to church and then hurried home for a quick lunch because we were off to see "Mr. Popper's Penguin's" at the Children's Theater! We got these tickets for the kids as a Christmas gift, so it was fun to finally be able to cash them in! It was a cute show!
We were all so tired by Sunday night, but Matt and I were thankful for the time with our kids!
It was a great weekend!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Snowy Daze!

We just got our first SNOW DAYS of the year! We were so excited when rumors started that SNOW was on the way! We were watching the weather and were crossing our fingers that we would see just a little bit (well, enough to have school cancelled for the day)! The snow fall began a little later in the day than expected, but when it just kept coming! We probably ended up with about 5 inches! Plenty of snow for a good SNOW DAY (actually 2 days) at home!
After the ground was covered a good bit (which didn't take long), the kids got dressed and ready to play!
We played in the yard a bit and then headed over to the neighborhood hill where all the kids gathered for some sledding FUN!
Sis is lucky enough to have her sweet friend live right next door! They were in and out all day...but were always together:)

After the morning round, we came in for lunch. We put on a movie and thawed out a bit.
The roads were starting to melt a little, so we rode over to the middle school by us and did some CRAZY sledding on the hills there!
My kids LOVED it!
(This sweet boy of mine totally MELTS my heart...even on a COLD, SNOWY day!)
Emery liked the snow and enjoyed walking around in it, but didn't care too much for sledding until day 2. Then, she couldn't get enough:)

I LOVE a good snow day. I love the excitement of school being called off! I love to be stuck at home with my people. I love to play games and watch movies together. I love to make warm chocolate chip cookies:)  I love to snuggle my little ones!
"SNOW" many sweet memories were made this week!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Gymnastics, and Hockey, and Skating! Oh My!

January is rolling right along! 
We have looked for ways to stay warm and have enjoyed some fun times as a family!
Last week I took the little ones to a gymnastics center for open gym. They had such a good time! It was the perfect thing to do on a rainy morning! They were able to run and jump and climb and get some of their energy out!
Saturday night Parker was invited to go with his buddy, Wyatt, to watch the Charlotte Checkers play! When I told him about his invite he got a HUGE smile on his face. He enjoyed the game, a blue icee. some french fries and his night with a good friend:) When he got home he was smiling from ear to ear as he told me all about it!
The kids had the day off of school yesterday for MLK day. We were around the house for the morning and then met my sister and our cousins for an afternoon of roller skating! My kids LOVED it! We haven't skated in years, but they did great! They had a blast and didn't want to leave! Emery probably loved it the most! We rolled around for a while, ate a pizza lunch, and then rolled around some more! We were exhausted by the end of our day! Whew! I am hoping to take them again in a few weeks!
It was back to school today, but we are crossing our fingers for a snow day this week!
We'll see;)

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Fun For All!

Well, the holidays are over and the kids are back in school. We had such a wonderful break and as much fun as we had, we also had lots of rest and downtime! We were all, however, ready for a bit of a routine again!
The last few days though have been packed full of fun!
One of our last Christmas "must do's" was heading to the Riverbanks Zoo to see all of the lights! We didn't get to make it before Christmas, so we ended up going the very last night it was all on display! We found a very yummy restaurant in Columbia to eat at called Yesterday's and then walked around the zoo at dark! It was such a fun family night out!
(I love this pic of my kids all bundled up!)
Over New Year's we had a surprise visit from our Florida cousins! We LOVE when they come for a visit! They all came over to our house on Sunday afternoon and played and then we made s'mores by the fire at night! On Monday afternoon we made one big giant trip to Chuck E. Cheese together! 
Cousins are the best!
 After a few days at home getting things back in order, the little ones and I were ready for some more FuN together! We headed up to DPK for a morning of play! I know my days are numbered before my Parker goes off to Kindergarten, so we made time to visit this fun place (one of his favorite "field trips")! Thank goodness it wasn't very crowded and my kids were super easy! It was the perfect place to go on such a FREEZING January morning! We followed up a GREAT morning with a Chick-fil-a lunch!
Friday night we headed up to the Rec Center for Family Night!
They brought in a game truck for everyone to play in and provided a Subway supper for us all! We had never done a game truck before, but I knew my boys would especially love it!
We don't have any big plans for the rest of the weekend! We will enjoy staying INSIDE by the fire and getting ready for a big week ahead!